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    Terramar Kid's Microthermal Pant Black

    Terramar Kid's Microthermal Pant Black
    Color: Black
    Size: XL
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    Every young skier needs stretchy, warm pants to keep those legs nice and toasty warm so why not get some of the best around? The Terramar Microthermal offers a perfect blend of warmth and dryness properties to help keep your kids comfortable while out in the elements. The features and price make these thermal pants a no brainer.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2016
    SportSkiing, Snowboarding
    Apparel MaterialPolyester
    Apparel WarmthWarm
    International AvailabilityUnited States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Japan


    ec2 Qwic-Dri Thermoregulation:The ec2 fabric uses electrostatic evaporation instead of standard wicking to release moisture and excessive heat. Standard wicking relies on contact between the skin and the fabric, so the garment needs to be skin tight. The ec2 allows the wearer to have a looser fitting garment for maximum comfort without loosing the ability to thermoregulate.

    Elastic waist: It can be hard to get the exact fit needed to be comfortable, after all, how many times has a size of pant been too small, and the next size too big? The elastic waist helps by making it stretchy to fit any size waist within the range.

    100% Micro Polyester:Ultra thin fibers of Polyester make up this thermal to give maximum function with minimum weight.

    Antimicrobial:A treatment to the fabric to prevent things growing where you don't want them to. And in turn, keeps the stink down.

    Dual layer knit:Two layers of micro yarns to give a soft inner layer and an outer layer that quickly evaporates excess moisture. The two layers create dead air space, which is the best insulator to keep heat close to the body.

    Flatlock seams:A unique stitching that doesn't add bulk where seams come together.

    All of Terramar's baselayers that we sell have been infused with science! Please, allow me to explain. Terramar's EC2 Qwik-Dri technology is an electrostatic process that permanently modifies the fiber so that it is (literally) a magnet for moisture. EC2 Qwik-Dri fabrics wick away moisture at a rate three times faster than typical wicking fabrics. The best thing about the process is that is a permanent modification to the fabric, not a chemical additive that can wear off.

    This garment has been magically imbued with silver ions. Well it probably wasn't magic, but there really are silver ions in there. The ions prevent the growth of bacteria, help it to dry quicker, and allow easier release of dirt and stains. So basically you have a layer that wont be wet and stinky, and is easy to clean if it does get dirty. Sound pretty good to me. The technology is called Visa Endurance.

    For The Kids:A select list of our favorite junior gear. Hand picked by our very own ski gurus. This product made the cut.

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