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TRP Adaptor Flat Mount Fork To Flat Mount Caliper

TRP Adaptor Flat Mount Fork To Flat Mount Caliper
Size: 140 or 160mm

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Dive into the world of precision braking with the TRP Adaptor Flat Mount Fork to Flat Mount Caliper. This ingenious adapter is the key to optimizing your bike's performance. Crafted with precision engineering, it seamlessly connects your fork and caliper, ensuring that every ounce of your pedal power is converted into smooth, responsive braking. Whether you're cruising along scenic trails or tackling heart-pounding descents, this adapter ensures that your bike stops exactly when and where you want it to. With the TRP Adaptor, your brakes will feel like an extension of your body, giving you unparalleled control and confidence on any terrain.

Tech Specs

ModelAdaptor Flat Mount Fork To Flat Mount Caliper


  • Compatible Adaptor: Designed for converting flat mount forks to accommodate flat mount calipers on modern disc brake setups.
  • Material: Precision CNC-machined from durable, high-quality aluminum for reliability and strength.
  • Mounting Bolts Included: Typically includes all necessary mounting bolts and hardware for easy installation.
  • Size Options: Available in different sizes to match various fork and caliper configurations.
  • Brand Trust: TRP is known for producing high-performance cycling components, making this adaptor a reliable choice.

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