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TRP Flat Mount To Flat Mount Rear Disc Brake Adaptor

TRP Flat Mount To Flat Mount Rear Disc Brake Adaptor
Size: 160mm

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The TRP Flat Mount to Flat Mount Rear Disc Brake Adaptor is your ticket to stopping excellence. This sleek and rugged piece of engineering magic ensures that your rear brake setup is optimized for peak performance. Whether you're navigating technical descents or sprinting through challenging cross-country trails, this adapter ensures that your bike responds with precision and power. It's all about control and reliability, and the TRP Adaptor delivers in spades. Say goodbye to brake issues and hello to the freedom to ride without limits.

Tech Specs

ModelFlat Mount To Flat Mount Rear Disc Brake Adaptor


  • Rear Disc Brake Conversion: Specifically designed for converting rear flat mount frames to fit flat mount disc brake calipers.
  • Material: Made from robust and lightweight aluminum for durability and effective heat dissipation.
  • Easy Installation: Typically includes all required bolts and fittings for straightforward installation.
  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your frame and brake caliper before purchase.
  • TRP Quality: TRP is a reputable brand in the cycling industry, known for producing dependable components.

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