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    TRP Post Mount Adapter

    TRP Post Mount Adapter
    Color: Stainless Bolt/Black


    Size: 43mm

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    Thrse post mount adapters help you get the correct fit for your calipers and rotots.

    Tech Specs

    Model Year2022
    International AvailabilityArgentina, Australia, Chile, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, UK, United States, Canada


    • Designed to convert post mount brake calipers to fit various types of forks or frames.
    • Made from durable and lightweight materials for long-lasting performance and minimal weight added to the bike.
    • Easy to install and compatible with a wide range of post mount brake systems.
    • Provides precise and secure brake mounting, ensuring optimal brake performance and modulation.
    • Available in different sizes to accommodate different fork or frame specifications, allowing for compatibility with various bike setups.

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