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    TRP Spyre Flat Mount Mechanical Brake

    TRP Spyre Flat Mount Mechanical Brake
    Color: Black
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    For cyclists who demand precision and reliability, the TRP Spyre Flat Mount Mechanical Brake is a revelation. This brake system combines the best of both worlds: the ease of maintenance and adjustment of mechanical brakes with the performance of hydraulic systems. With dual-piston calipers, it offers consistent and powerful braking, ensuring you stay in control on any terrain. The flat mount design provides a clean and sleek appearance, while the heat-shedding properties of the rotor guarantee fade-resistant stopping power. Whether you're conquering steep descents or navigating winding trails, the TRP Spyre Flat Mount Mechanical Brake is a trusty companion, never failing to deliver the stopping performance you need.

    Tech Specs

    ModelSpyre Flat Mount Mechanical Brake


    • Flat Mount Design: Specifically engineered for flat mount brake compatibility on modern road and gravel bikes.
    • Dual Piston Action: Utilizes a dual-piston design for consistent and reliable braking performance.
    • Mechanical Actuation: Operates as a mechanical disc brake, making it easier to maintain and adjust.
    • Tool-Free Pad Adjustment: Allows quick and simple adjustment of brake pads for wear or alignment.
    • Reliable Stopping Power: Offers excellent modulation and stopping power in various weather conditions.

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