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    Vittoria Rubino Pro Road Bike Tire - 700c - (Clincher, Folding, G2.0, Black/Black)

    Vittoria Rubino Pro Road Bike Tire - 700c - (Clincher, Folding, G2.0, Black/Black)
    Size: 700c x 25mm
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    The Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0 Tire is the ultimate road companion for enthusiasts who demand top-tier performance without compromise. This tire is the embodiment of Vittoria's commitment to precision and quality. With its supple 150 TPI casing and G2.0 compound, it strikes the perfect balance between speed and durability. Whether you're pushing your limits in a race or embarking on a long, scenic road trip, these tires will delight you. Their all-weather reliability ensures grip and control, even in less-than-ideal conditions. The Rubino Pro G2.0 redefines what's possible on the road. It's time to experience the joy of cycling with the finest rubber meeting the road with every pedal stroke.


    • All-Around Road Tire: The Rubino Pro G2.0 is a versatile road tire suitable for various riding conditions and styles.
    • Graphene 2.0 Compound: It features Vittoria's advanced Graphene 2.0 compound for a good balance of grip and durability.
    • Durable Casing: The tire's casing is designed to withstand road debris and reduce the risk of flats.
    • Puncture Protection: Vittoria includes puncture protection technology in the Rubino Pro for added reliability.
    • Multiple Width Options: The tire is available in different width options to accommodate different preferences for road bike setups.

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