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    Volkl Touristick Adjustable Ski Poles

    Volkl Touristick Adjustable Ski Poles
    Size: Adjustable

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    Embark on your winter adventures with the Volkl Touristick Adjustable Ski Poles and experience the ultimate blend of durability, versatility, and comfort. These poles are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, making them the perfect companion for backcountry explorations and challenging terrains. The adjustable feature allows you to adapt the pole length to suit your specific needs, whether you're ascending steep slopes or cruising down the mountain. The ergonomic grips ensure a secure hold, reducing hand fatigue during extended ski sessions. Crafted with lightweight materials, these poles won't weigh you down, making every movement feel effortless. Whether you're a backcountry enthusiast or a resort skier, the Volkl Touristick Adjustable Ski Poles are the ideal choice to enhance your skiing experience and take on new heights with absolute confidence.

    Tech Specs

    ModelTouristick Aa Adjustable Ski Poles
    Model Year2024
    Ski Pole Basket TypePowder
    Ski Pole ConstructionCarbon


    • The Volkl Touristick ski poles feature an adjustable length mechanism, allowing skiers to customize the pole's height to suit their preferred skiing style and terrain.
    • These ski poles are built with high-quality materials, providing durability and strength to withstand the rigors of backcountry skiing and challenging conditions.
    • The Touristick ski poles are designed to be lightweight, minimizing arm fatigue during extended skiing sessions while ensuring easy portability when not in use.
    • Equipped with comfortable and ergonomic grips, these ski poles offer a secure and natural hold, enhancing control and maneuverability while skiing in various terrains.
    • The ski poles come with versatile snow baskets that perform well in both powder and packed snow, making them suitable for various snow conditions encountered in backcountry adventures.

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