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WTB Rocket Saddle

WTB Rocket Saddle
Color: Chromoly Black
Size: Medium

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If you're searching for the ultimate blend of comfort and performance on your mountain bike, look no further than the WTB Rocket Saddle. It's a piece of cycling artistry, meticulously designed to cradle you on the most demanding trails. The Rocket's unique shape provides unparalleled support and maneuverability, ensuring you stay firmly planted on your bike, no matter how rough the terrain. With just the right amount of padding and a sleek, streamlined design, this saddle invites you to push your limits and explore the trails with boundless enthusiasm. It's a game-changer, a saddle that makes you forget about discomfort and focus solely on the exhilarating ride ahead.

Tech Specs

ModelRocket Saddle


  • Versatile Design: The WTB Rocket Saddle features a versatile design suitable for various riding styles, from cross-country to enduro.
  • Comfortable Padding: It incorporates ample padding and a slight whale-tail shape for enhanced comfort during long rides.
  • Durable Construction: The saddle is built to last with a robust shell and durable synthetic cover, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of off-road cycling.
  • Rear Cutout: A central cutout in the saddle helps relieve pressure on sensitive areas, improving blood flow and reducing discomfort.
  • Multiple Rail Options: Available with various rail materials, including steel, titanium, and carbon, to cater to different rider preferences and budgets.

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