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WTB Silverado Steel Saddle

WTB Silverado Steel Saddle
Color: Black


Size: Medium
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The WTB Silverado Steel Saddle is the embodiment of rugged durability and unwavering performance. Crafted for riders who crave adventure in the great outdoors, this saddle is built to last through the harshest conditions. Its steel rails provide exceptional strength while the sleek design keeps it lightweight and agile. Every pedal stroke feels connected to the terrain beneath you, giving you the confidence to conquer any trail. The Silverado is not just a saddle; it's a symbol of the wild spirit of mountain biking.

Tech Specs

ModelSilverado Steel Saddle


  • Streamlined Profile: The WTB Silverado Steel Saddle boasts a streamlined profile, making it a preferred choice for competitive and performance-oriented riders.
  • Steel Rails: It features durable steel rails that provide excellent strength and support for aggressive riding styles.
  • Lightweight: Despite its steel rails, the saddle is relatively lightweight, contributing to an efficient and fast ride.
  • Narrow Nose: The saddle has a narrow, elongated nose for improved control and maneuverability when navigating technical terrain.
  • Ideal for Climbing: The Silverado's shape and padding make it well-suited for climbing and maintaining an aggressive riding position.

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