Roces Idea Up Adjustable Kids Ski Boots 2021

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  • Description
  • Micro Adjustable Plastic Buckles: These buckles are plastic to keep them lightweight, but unlike most plastic buckles they do have micro-adjustment capability so you can clamp down the boot at the perfectly comfortable position.

    When adjusting the size of the boot, make sure to always unbuckle the boot before adjusting the size. Use the included lever bar to turn the tab and adjust the size, no other tools should ever be used to adjust the fitting size.

    Roces ski boots are the perfect choice for your child whose foot is still growing (that's probably the majority of them.) If you click on our link below you can find more information about these boots and how they work than you would ever need. The one buckle boots (16.0-18.5) are to be used with children's bindings. The two and three buckle boots (19.0-22.0 & 23.0-25.5) can be used with both children and adult bindings.

    We here at are absolute fans of this product and work closely with the manufacturer to improve the product. The changes from introduction to arrival in North America the season are bigger pins for the latch so the sizing set is rock solid secure, internal latch springs, and a softer flex so it is usable by all ranges of junior skiers.

    IDEA is the first ski boot growing with the kids. Through the patent pending '6in1' technology, it is possible to adjust the size of the ski boot to accommodate the natural growth of the kids' foot.

    There are two main advantages to getting Roces boots for your junior skier. The first is obvious in that you don't have to constantly buy new boots to get a great fit. Often overlooked is that since you are not getting new boots, you don't need to remount bindings as your child's foot grows, since the sole length of the boot remains the same as you expand and contract the fit.

  • Specs
  • Ability Level:
    Bindings Boot Compatible:
    Ski Boot Flex:
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    Very Soft
    Ski Boot Forefoot Width:
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    Ski/Boots/Alpine Boots 16.0-18.5
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    • 5.0 5
      Great boots that fit for few seasons

      I'm so happy that I found this product. It is so convenient to keep these boots for few seasons and adjust size. Great product and I will definitely recommend it to others.

      - Ak, Mar 22nd 2021

    • 5.0 5
      Roces 19-22

      Great little boot. Really innovative design that is easy to adjust and doesn’t require adjusting bindings. Nice looking and great value. Really recommend!

      - Andrew, Jan 24th 2021

    • 5.0 5
      Perfect for kids

      We have a little lady who loves skiing in the mountains. At 16 months, the adjustable boots save time and money trying to find all the boots! Totally buying these when she grows out of them.

      - Jessica, Jan 11th 2021

    • 5.0 5
      Roces Adjustable Ski Boots

      A great product for kids with growing feet. This is our second pair for our daughter. The first pair made it through 2 ski seasons and we hope to get 2 seasons out of this pair.

      - Dave, Jan 11th 2021

    • 5.0 5
      Excellent boots for growing tot

      We bought these boots for our 21 month old daughter. We originally had her in cheap plastic skis with straps for winter boots to Guage her interest in the sport and process. Since she was showing genuine interest in real ski gear we decided to make the investment on real boots and decided on these after some research since they accomodate up to 6 sizes. We were initially skeptical, but these boots are a miracle. The tightening mechanism is incredibly simple and the boots are substantial and comfortable. She will not take them off and loves walking around the base village and shops with them on which surprised us! We have her in the smallest setting so there is tons of room for her to grow into them.
      If you're a ski family who will be on the slopes regularly and want your kids to pick up skiing young, these are the boots for you!

      - AP, Dec 28th 2020

    • 5.0 5
      Perfect for aging kids

      I purchased two pairs of these for my kids and we are on our third season in them. My daughter will outgrow hers sometime this year and I will be buying the next step up.

      I have never heard them complain about their feet, so I assume they are comfortable, but the bottom line is getting 3 seasons out of a kids ski boot for $100 is an outrageous deal.

      I did have a problem with the liner tongues tearing off of one set from a very normal pull while getting the boots off. I emailed Roces about it and they sent a brand new set of liners that arrived within 3 days, so A+ for customer service.

      If you are a parent just buy them, you won't regret it.

      - Ryan H, Dec 14th 2020

    • 5.0 5
      Adjustable sizing

      My daughters feet are one size different from each other. These boots provide an accurate fit for her foot length difference.

      - Derek, Dec 3rd 2020

    • 5.0 5
      Kids haven't complained of sore feet yet!

      Bought a set last season for our daughter, no complaints all season, comfortable to wear all day. Easy to adjust the sole length with lots of micro adjustment on buckles, nothing broken on them after a year.
      First set have been great so bought a 2nd set this season for our son.
      Great service from Level 9 each time.

      - Damian, Oct 15th 2020

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