Rossignol Axial2 120 SPS Adjustable Ski Bindings

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The Rossignol Axial2 120 SPS is a fully adjustable binding that comes standard with a 120mm brake for wider skis. The Din Range on this binding goes from 3.5 to 12 and is adjustable from a 258-386mm boot sole which is great for really any adult skier. The binding is very easy to adjust just by sliding the heel and toe piece to the correct size. The Axial2 has one of the safest and most durable release systems available so you can trust that the binding will release when it needs to.

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Adjustable Bindings:This binding is mounted on a demo plate that is adjustable to pretty much any adult boot size (258-386mm to be exact). Simply slide the heel and toe piece to the correct size, its just that easy!

Elastic Pedal: The AFD under the ball of the foot allows for proper function even when ice, dirt, or snow get stuck to the bottom of the boot.

Elastic Travel Heel: The heel of this binding has a wide range of elastic travel. This means that your boot won't pop out on every little bump. The binding has some vertical movement before finally releasing. This helps reduce the chance of premature releases.

Super Wide AFD: A 72mm wide AFD means the sole of the ski boot has a lot of surface area to contact with the binding, transmitting power to the ski. The wide AFD is especially helpful with wider skis to prevent the boot from rocking laterally in the binding before engaging the edge of the ski.

180 Degree Toe Release: The split toe design of this binding allows a full 180 degrees of release (lateral, diagonal, vertical). Recreational skiers and even into advanced level appreciate this feature to give a little extra safety with added opportunity for the boot to release.

PX Bindings: This style of binding is know for its fixed heelpiece, and higher elastic range than the pivot style. It is laterally stronger than the pivot style, and the wider screw pattern reduces the chance of the binding screws being pulled out under high stress.

Axial2/PX Standard Bindings/Brakes: We are designating these as PX standard series bindings/brake arms. To help avoid the confusion about which brake arms work with which bindings. All PX standard series parts will have this description and be accessible from the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

Additional Info

Gender Men's, Women's
Model Year 2014
Adjustable Yes
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina
Bindings Boot Compatible Adult
SKU 30710
Country of Manufacturer France
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

Product Questions

Product Questions

I just bought, apparently, the last pair of Paul Frank adult mini skis (123 cm) available on Middle Earth. Your YouTube video suggests a binding with wider brakes. I want an adjustable binding so that my friend, Bigfoot, can try them out too. Is this a suitable binding? I couldn't find them on your web site again to look up the waist specs.
I have some eman sunrise skiboards 104 cm. 150/116/150. From what I can see this would be and ideal binding. I can move my boot back if I'm hitting powder or crud. What do you think?
I have a ski with a 84mm waist. Would you put this binding on with a 90 mm brake or a Head PRD with the 88mm brake that you sell it with?
Will this binding work with the Black Diamond Megawatt skis that are 125 mm wide?
I Have atomic blog skis they are 110 mm wide Is this binding good for these skis ?
Will Rossignol Axial 120 SPS adjustable bindings work with Head Rev 70 Skis ?
Is Axial2 120 SPS good for Soul 7? Can both toe and heel pieces be adjusted backward/forward for powder or regular stances?
Is the actual weight 8.05 pounds? This has to be one of the heaviest bindings around. On my skiboards theses will be really heavy. I have read other specs saying they are less weight. Are you sure of this weight? 4 pounds plus per binding? Also what year are these.


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