Rossignol Slat Skis

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The Rossignol Slat Skis are about as versatile as they come. Geared towards the Parker White's of the ski world (a Rossi pro who skis everything from urban rails to backcountry pillow lines), the Slat is 97mm at the waist and is your multi-tool ski for literally any terrain. This ski shares the same design as the Dynastar Slicer so it has a great rocker profile for powder with ton's of pop and it's stiff enough that it will be very stable at high speeds. We recommend the Slat for advanced to expert skiers looking for that one pair of skis to tackle powder, groomers, glades, moguls and the terrain park all in the same day.
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SKU 30339

Product Questions

Product Questions

Is this ski equally rocketed in the tip and tail or is one more rocketed than the other?
I'm unsure of my skill level, what things about these skis would discourage a lesser experienced skier? Or could I mature into them?
Do these skis ship with the binding s mounted?
Is this ski functional as an east coast glade and mogul ski (tighter and icier) or is it geared more for western powder?
what year is this ski?
Is this ski the dynastar slicer?
If your size weight and ability seem to be right between the 168cm and 174 and you would be using the ski for mostly east coast glades, would you go big or small on the size?
Are the slats similar to the 2013 Rossignol Scimitars? It appears they have a slight bit of camber compared to the Scimitars being rockered. Are the slats a stiffer ski than the scimitars or very similar in flex?
why are the skis in the picture different from the ones featured in the youtube video link? Which ones will i recieve if i bout a pair?


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