Rossignol FKS 180 Ski Bindings

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This binding has a din range that starts at 8 which is not suitable for 90% of skiers and should be chosen for expert skiers ONLY. The FKS is back and it's as dayglow orange as last year. The exact same binding as the Look Pivot 18, the FKS is top choice for aggressive skiers looking for a durable and safe binding. The all-metal housing is designed to take a beating and the high elastic travel ensure that this binding will not release when you don't want it to. The turntable heel piece rotates with the boot directly under the tibia making for a much safer release. If you are having binding trust issues, have no fear, the FKS is here!

Pivot Heel : The heel piece of this binding can rotates naturally with your leg as it releases, making for a much safer and more durable binding.

One Piece Toe: A molded piece of aluminum makes up the body of the toe piece, keeping the release very simple and made up of fewer parts than multiple angle release toepieces. The lateral release function is similar to other bindings, but the upward release is inhibited, creating a greater hold against the forces that aggressive skiers generate.

Super Wide AFD: A 72mm wide AFD means the sole of the ski boot has a lot of surface area to contact with the binding, transmitting power to the ski. The wide AFD is especially helpful with wider skis to prevent the boot from rocking laterally in the binding before engaging the edge of the ski.

Metal Housing: These bindings are made of metal which means they will last through the toughest of beatings. They are heavier than your average binding, but a small price to pay for an insanely durable product.

Din 18 Bindings: The Din range on these bindings goes from 8-18, which is not for the faint of heart. You should only buy these bindings if you know this is what you are looking for and what your current din setting is.

These are great bindings marketed to the freeride crowd. The low stand height and wide brake arms included are great features for the Park and Powder skiers who want better balance and have wider skis.


Gender Men's, Women's
Model Year 2016
Adjustable No
International Availability-Prices USD United States
Bindings Boot Compatible Adult
SKU 23668old
Country of Manufacturer France
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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