Rossignol Freeride Pro Telescopic Ski Poles 2016

The Freeride Pro Poles from Rossignol are the ski touring enthusiast's best friend. The two part shaft is made of mostly carbon material which is both lightweight and strong, just what you need while you're out in the backcountry. This pole is fully adjustable from 44-54in which will make the Up a breeze and won't get in your way on the way down. There is also an extended grip so you can choke up on your poles when climbing up for a more comfortable handle on your poles. If backcountry isn't in your repertoire, not to worry we like to recommend adjustable poles for resort skiing, the added length helps you get out of flat areas and cat tracks!

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Rossignol Freeride Pro Telescopic Ski Poles 44-54in 1

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Ski Pole Sizing
Skier Height Skier Height (cm) Pole Size (in)
3'4" or shorter 101cm or shorter 32" or shorter
3'5"-3'8" 104-112cm 34"
3'9"-4' 114-122cm 36"
4'1"-4'4" 124-132cm 38"
4'5"-4'8" 134-142cm 40"
4'9"-5' 145-152cm 42"
5'1"-5'3" 155-160cm 44"
5'4"-5'6" 162-168cm 46"
5'7"-5'9" 170-175cm 48"
5'10"-6' 177-183cm 50"
6'1"-6'3" 185-190.5cm 52"
6'4" + 193cm + 54" +
Ski poles are your friends. They help you maintain proper form and balance, as well as help you get across the flat spots. The only people that shouldn't use poles are kids that cannot parallel yet, true beginners, snowboarders, and park skiers that desperately need to look like snowboarders. So if you aren't one of these categories, you should be using poles.
Sizing poles is easy. Just use the ski pole Sizing chart to give you a good estimate of what length of poles you should be using.
Ideally, your arm should be parallel to the ground when you grasp the pole (with the tip up) below the basket.

There are cases when you can go longer or shorter than what the chart recommends:

  • If you are a bump skier, you should size down 2-8 inches.
  • If you want an aggressive stance for steeps and higher speed skiing, size down 2 inches.
  • If you are doing a lot of park skiing, size down 2-6 inches
  • If you Telemark, size down 2-6 inches
  • If you are powder skiing a lot, size up 2 inches.
  • If you are ski jousting, size up 4-12 inches

We have thousands of poles to choose from, and if we don't have your size, any of our poles are easy to cut to length.



Retail: $120.00 Save 59%



The rubber grip on this pole is about double the length of a normal pole and resembles the grips on a BMX Bike. Since the grip is long, you can comfortably choke your hands up on the pole for easier hiking while in the backcountry.

Aluminum Construction: This pole is made of lightweight aluminum, which has a very high strength to weight ratio, and they are quite stiff.

Interchangeable Baskets: These poles do not come with wider baskets, but they are compatible with any Goode pole basket from the last few years, so if you have powder baskets on an older set of Goodes, you can re-use them with these poles!

There is a GoPro mount pre-installed on one of these poles. All you need is your GoPro and the screw to secure it to the pole. Start stacking those selfies up for your Instagram!

This pole is slightly oversized compared to most poles with a 22mm diameter. Most poles fall in the 14-18mm range but this pole is a cut above the rest. Still lightweight and very strong, you'll probably wind up preferring this width!

Adjustable Nylon Strap: A nylon strap with easy adjustment ensures the poles don't get away from you after jumping off that big cliff on the backside of the mountain. Or with some imagination, they can help you carry a pair of skis.

Additional Info

Gender Men's, Women's
Model Year 2016
Pole Construction Carbon
International Availability-Prices USD United States
Basket Type Regular
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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