Rossignol S7 Women's Skis Premounted w/ Rossi Axial2 120 Bindings

SKU: 35094
This new never used ski and binding comes with a Rossi Axial2 120 mounted to 285mm, we can remount this binding for you at no charge. The Ladies S7 is the same as the men's, just with better topsheet art (a male is writing this) and better base art, and they are available in smaller sizes. What do you get when you buy these skis? Hmm, how about an incredible powder ski that is also incredibly nimble on hardpack conditions. You get a ski that can charge at 100mph (160km/h for international metric users!), but is also forgiving enough to be your first pair of powder skis ever. These are phenomenal, award winning skis, some of the best skis (if not best, but how do you really judge 'best' anyway) of this generation of fat rockered skis.
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SKU 35094