Salomon 2015 Extend 1 Pair Ski Bag 185cm

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The Salomon Extend is designed to transport your gear safely and in style. This is a 1 pair bag (you can put one pair of skis in it) that is extendable from 165cm to 185cm with a zipper at one end of the bag that lengthens very easily. The bag is lined with a tarp-like, water proof interior to keep the moisture inside the bag where it belongs. There is padding around the bindings to keep them protected in transit and double shoulder straps a padded handle for easy carrying. Whether its a flight out to Vail or just a car trip to your local hill, this is an all-round great bag to tote your skis quite safely and easily.

Heavy Duty Zipper : The zipper is the most important feature on a bag, we have made sure that this zipper is very strong and durable to help avoid problems down the line.

Bottom Reinforcement: Extra durable material at the bottom of the bag gives strength where its needed most, preventing gear from disappearing through holes and tears.

Synch Straps: Straps on both ends of the bag that you can clip together and strap down, bringing the bag in close to the gear inside, further helping protect you from any sloppy baggage handler.

Waterproof Lining: A coated nylon on the inside of the bag helps keep the melting snow and grime inside the bag instead of dirtying up the car or your nice clean ski jacket. This also helps keep the smell of stinky boots inside the bag. Just remember that you need to air out the boots at the end of the day, or else you'll end up with wet boots in the morning!

Padded Handle: A soft handle makes the load a little more comfortable when thrown over the shoulder, or even just held in hand.

Name Label: Write your name down on this label to personalize your bag! That way if someone else has the same bag as you, you can tell the difference.

Nylon Carrying Strap: Wide strap for easy carrying and weight distribution.

Drain Ports: Small metal rivets on each end of the bag that will help moisture and water escape, helping keep your skis dry while in transit.

Full Length Opening: A zipper that runs the entire length of the bag makes taking skis out and putting them back in very easy. Packing this bag to its maximum is also much easier, as you can see where to stash socks and clothing in the nooks and crannies.


Material Nylon
Bag Usage Skis
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada
SKU 34886
Country of Manufacturer China
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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