Salomon 2015 STH2 WTR 16 Ski Bindings

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The Salomon STH2 16 is a new binding from Salomon this year and it combines the durable, wide platform heel from the Guardian touring binding and the tried and true STH toe. These wider bindings allow the skier to transfer more power to the ski than ever before, perfect for freeriders who are on phatter skis. These bindings have an adjustable height and are compatible with WTR (walk to ride) soled touring style boots. The Din Range goes from 7-16 so this is a great hybrid binding for that freerider that wants to huck in the sidecountry and worry more about where he is landing than if his ski will pop off when he lands.

Micro Wing Adjustment: The wings that cradle the toe of the boot can be simultaneously adjusted with one screw, keeping the boot centered in the binding.

Ultra Wide Base: The base of this binding measures in at 80mm which increases balance and performance to match up with wider powder skis while ripping turns or dropping cliffs.

Composite Materials: The parts of the binding that need to be metal are made of steel, but the majority of the binding is a superdense, superlight plastic composite material. This gives the binding the ruggedness of a more metallic binding, without all the added weight.

Low Profile Chassis : This binding has a lower stand height than most hybrid touring bindings (26mm), bringing the skier closer to the ski, giving the skier a lower center of gravity which is preferred while skiing powder or freeride terrain.

Stomp Pedal Shock Absorber: Essentially what these means is that the plastic directly beneath the toe of your boot is a little flexier than the other parts of the binding, which helps absorb some shock (like in bumps or landing jumps).

These are great bindings marketed to the freeride crowd. The low stand height and wide brake arms included are great features for the Park and Powder skiers who want better balance and have wider skis.

WTR Compatible: This binding is compatible with WTR AND DIN sole boots. WTR is sort of in between a full on touring sole and a traditional DIN sole.


Gender Men's, Women's
Model Year 2015
Adjustable No
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SKU 34159
Country of Manufacturer France
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