Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis

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A wider, beefed up version of the Salomon BBR 7.9 rears its head in the form of the 89mm underfoot BBR 8.9. The 8.9s also have sandwich (full sidewall) construction style, which makes them stiffer and more damp to vibrations than their little brothers. Like the other BBRs, these skis have exceptional carving ability because their waist is not that fat (really 89mm is a carving ski these days), but the surfy style super-wide shovel helps the skier tool around in soft snow and crud as well. These skis represent progression and innovation in the same way that Salomon's X-Scream (the most iconic system/parabolic ski of the 90s) and Pocket Rocket (the first ever mid-fat twin tips) skis ushered in new ways to make skis not only higher performance, but also more user friendly and versatile.
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SKU 19235

Product Questions

Product Questions

Are these good for females? 175cm/85kgs. I like to ski fast and love to carve.
What length would you recommend . I am 5 ft 4 inch and 68 kg advanced intermediate mainly on trail 5% off piste
I'm thinking of adding these. I am an east coast advanced to expert skier. How will these handle high speed? I need a ski that is extremely stable at high speed.
HI I am High intermediate to advanced male skier 174cm & 92kg-fit 60year old and ski whole mountain.Booked to go to Japan. Would the 166cm suit. Regards
I'm 5'7" and 80kg advanced to expert ability. 186 cm seems a bit too long, are you likely to have 176cm back in stock?
I am interested in adding a new ski to my quiver, and I think this might be a nice versatile option. I am an East Coast skier with occasional trips West or North. I am 5'10, about 156lbs, advanced (skiing everything everywhere, albeit with variable form and confidence if the conditions get dicey). Currently on a pair of Head Rev80, which work well, but I would like something able to carve tighter and flex around in moguls more, without losing speed stability and edging. What length would you recommend? 166 seems the closest to ideal for my weight and skills, but I hear these ski a lot shorter because of their design. Would they feel way too short or chatter at speed? On the other hand, 176 seems a big leap (almost my actual height), but would that be appropriate for me? Thank you!
Is this ski ok for my height? I'm 5'3 but an intermediate skier. Im looking for something stable under speed because i will be using them for minor league racing
Hi - wondering if this 186cm size would be too much for me. I would say I am an advanced intermediate - 63 years old, 188 cm tall and 91 kg - skiing mainly on small hills in eastern Canada but do some trips to New England hills. I am currently skiing a pair of old Salomon Axendos (181cm.) Time to upgrade but I think I should likely go shorter, not longer?
Hi Im a female 165cm middle aged -ouch, but been skiing since i was 10 prob say i was an advanced intermediate but age has wearied me slightly but still reasonably aggressive skier mainly on trail but 5- 10% off. Which do you recommend looking at Salomon BBR8.9 versus Head 74? Also how long a ski ? Thanks


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