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The Salomon Connect Gear Bag is a great way to lug all of your gear from your car to the base lodge while leaving you with a free hand to hold your coffee. That's right you can stuff your Boots, Helmet, Goggles, Gloves, Lunch and anything else you can fit, this is a large bag that can fit all your gear except for your skis and poles. We tested the main compartment and 28.5 boots was the largest size we could fit. What we suggest if you have larger boots is put gloves, goggles etc in the main compartment, strap the helmet to the top of the bag and hang your boots over the top by the powerstrap. This bag will also connect seamlessly with special Salomon rolling ski bags for easy transport through the airport.

Main Boot Compartment: The main pocket of this bag is sort of a rectangle shape and is big enough to fit up to a 27.5 size ski boot.

Waterproof Lining: A coated nylon on the inside of the bag helps keep the melting snow and grime inside the bag instead of dirtying up the car or your nice clean ski jacket. This also helps keep the smell of stinky boots inside the bag. Just remember that you need to air out the boots at the end of the day, or else you'll end up with wet boots in the morning!

Padded back: Padding, about 1cm thick, with mesh lining gives users extra comfort and protection from hard objects inside the bag.

Bottom Reinforcement: Extra durable material at the bottom of the bag gives strength where its needed most, preventing gear from disappearing through holes and tears.

Water Resistant Coating: The fabric has a coating on the inside of the bag to keep the snow and grime inside the bag instead of allover the back seat of the car. Be sure to air it out when you get home though!

Fully Padded: This bag has padding on all sides, to protect the gear very well inside, especially if the bag is making its way to the belly of an aircraft.

Padded Handle: A soft handle makes the load a little more comfortable when thrown over the shoulder, or even just held in hand.

Drain Ports: Small metal rivets on each end of the bag that will help moisture and water escape, helping keep your skis dry while in transit.

Name Label: Write your name down on this label to personalize your bag! That way if someone else has the same bag as you, you can tell the difference.

Mesh Ventilation Window: This window that lines the outside of boot compartment releases the humidity of the gear and boots to help them dry.

Stowable Shoulder Straps: Non-bulky padding on the shoulder straps helps a heavy load feel more comfortable on the shoulder. They can also be stuffed away into a pocket when not in use.


Gender Men's, Women's
Model Year 2015
Material Nylon, Polyurethane
Bag Usage Boots, General
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada
SKU 35429
Country of Manufacturer Vietnam
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