Salomon STH 16 Steel Ski Bindings


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The STH 16 Steel Bindings are intended for aggressive skiers skiing on big, fat skis down the toughest runs on the mountain. These have a similar cult following as the Pivot/FKS bindings, essentially for the same reasons. 1: They are mostly metal so they'll last a few seasons no matter how tough you are on them and 2: they have a high din range from 9-16, which means these things are staying on your feet when your getting gnarly and hucking cliffs or sending big jumps. This STH 16 comes with a 100mm brake in the box which should fit skis around 95-111mm wide no problem.

Micro Independent Wing Adjustment: Each Toe Piece has two adjustable wings that you can move slightly to fit different boot shapes better for better retention and release from the binding. There are screws on each side so you can easily adjust on the fly.

Ultra Wide Base: The base of this binding measures in at 80mm which increases balance and performance to match up with wider powder skis while ripping turns or dropping cliffs.

Low Profile Chassis : This binding has a lower stand height than most hybrid touring bindings (26mm), bringing the skier closer to the ski, giving the skier a lower center of gravity which is preferred while skiing powder or freeride terrain.

Flat Front Toe Piece: The construction for the toe piece is flat on the front as opposed to a more pointed traditional toe piece. This helps while hiking and allows for more mobility when you need to do a kick turn or are stuck in a tough spot.

Stomp Pedal Shock Absorber: Essentially what these means is that the plastic directly beneath the toe of your boot is a little flexier than the other parts of the binding, which helps absorb some shock (like in bumps or landing jumps).

Metal Housing: These bindings are made of metal which means they will last through the toughest of beatings. They are heavier than your average binding, but a small price to pay for an insanely durable product.


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