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Bikes have become tremendously popular among the general population, especially during the recent lockdowns. They provide a low-cost, healthy way to get outdoors and enjoy some exercise in the fresh air.

Unfortunately, bikes have become popular not only among honest folks like you but for thieves as well. Lightweight and by nature easily transportable, stolen bikes may be sold by thieves on the black market. Others break bikes down in “chop shops” and sell parts separately.

Even if you have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance that covers most of your financial loss, it’s a hassle to do the paperwork. And your new bike will never have the same feel as your old one.

Protecting Your Bike

Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid becoming a victim of bike theft. First, keep your bicycle out of sight if at all possible. Bring it indoors rather than leaving it outside if you can.

Just as important if not more so, always lock your bike, whether you are at home, at the store or are transporting it on a bike rack on the back of your vehicle. A high-quality lock is probably the best bike theft deterrent. Like all predators, bike thieves look for the easiest mark. If they see you have taken the precaution of locking your bike with a quality lock, they will likely move on to easier pickings.

L9 Sports carries a variety of quality bike locks and accessories to protect your bike and give you peace of mind. We stock a range of products, including combination cable locks that make it easy to lock your bike to fixed objects like bike racks and which don’t require you to carry a key.

If you’re looking for extra thickness, check out our chain locks. We also offer lots of U-locks in a variety of sizes made by well-known manufacturers like Kryptonite.

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