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Bike Air Pumps, CO2 Inflators & Cartridges & Patch & Tool Kits

Just as with your car or truck, keeping your bicycle tires properly inflated will cut rolling resistance. That means you will be able to generate more speed with less effort as you pedal. Proper inflation can also reduce annoying flat tires.

Whether you enjoy crushing the trails on your mountain bike, riding the bike paths on your road bike or going to work and back home on your commuter bike, L9 Sports carries a big selection of premium bike pumps, inflators, C02 cartridges and patch kits. These products will help you pedal efficiently. They will also empower you to fix those pesky flats quickly and easily at home or away.

Pumps for All Purposes

Everyone should have a floor pump for home use. Providing quick, powerful inflation, these pumps are easy to use. Most of ours come with air pressure gauges so you can inflate your bicycle tires to exactly the right PSI.

When you’re away from home, it’s smart to pack a mobile bike pump with you. This becomes especially important if you are exploring remote trails on your MTB, especially if you are riding alone. It’s also crucial for touring cyclists to carry mobile pumps and tube and tire repair kits.

We carry portable pumps that are easy to attach to your bike frame or pack in a pannier. In addition, we carry patch kits and tool kits that come with everything you need to fix flats and make small repairs on the fly. Each kit comes complete with a saddle bag you can attach under your bike seat so it will always be there to get you out of a jam.

CO2 pumps provide a convenient way to inflate tires, so we carry plenty of CO2 inflators as well as CO2 cartridges. These products can re-inflate your tires speedily and easily.

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