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Biking Bells & Horns

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Road and Mountain Bike Bells, Horns and Safety

Riding a bike provides great fun and exercise. It can be great for your health, too. Regular riding can benefit your heart and overall cardiovascular health.

But bike riding can potentially be hazardous to your health, too. After all, you will be riding at a fairly high rate of speed while sitting atop a light metal frame on two wheels.

Cars and trucks can be fatal adversaries, but other bikers, pedestrians and even animals like dogs or squirrels darting across your path can cause potentially painful accidents. Non-motorized bikes can be incredibly quiet. Often people and animals won’t even realize you are coming up behind them.

Get Smart and Safe

It pays to ride smart and safe. One way to do that is to use a bike bell or bike horn to let everyone know you are approaching. At L9 Sports, we carry affordable and reliable bicycle bells and horns that can help protect you and those around you.

Ringing the Bell

A road-bike bell can help you alert motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists as you wheel around town. These bells are also ideal for using on bike paths and sidewalks to warn pedestrians and bikers of your approach.

Although your mountain bike may take you far from the madding crowd, a mountain-bike bell can also be helpful. You never know when you will come upon another biker or a hiker coming around a corner or traveling the trails.

These products easily strap on to your handlebars. Many are made of aluminum, which is light in weight and resists corrosion.

Light and accessible, our bells should be a basic safety feature of all everyday bikes. You can choose from bells with a variety of sounds ranging from low to loud.

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