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Phone Cases & Bike Mounts

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Bike Phone Mounts and Sports Phone Cases

For many of us, our smartphones have become extensions of our bodies. These gadgets can do it all, from communicating with friends and colleagues to monitoring your health to helping you find your way in the city or around the countryside.

Phones are practically a necessity for all everyday cyclists. Whether you are a commuter, someone who rides a road bike for fun and health or shreds the trails on a mountain bike for adventure and excitement, smartphones provide a lifeline in case you need help.

They can monitor your heart rate and other health data, compare your results to other users on apps like Strava, keep you going in the right direction on practically any trail, street or road, and provide countless other benefits.

You Can Take It With You

Bringing this crucial component along on your bike outings doesn’t mean you have to jam it in a pocket, where it can’t be monitored and creates unpleasant, uncomfortable bulk and could easily fall out. L9 Sports offers a selection of bicycle phone cases and mounts that will protect your phone while keeping it easily visible and accessible as you ride. That way, you can keep tabs on all the data you want to while protecting your phone and yourself on the trail or in town.

We have sports phone cases to protect your pricey, precious phone from the weather as well as accidents. A cellphone bike mount provides an easy way to carry your phone on your handlebars.

Whether you are looking for a mountain-bike phone mount or a road-bike phone mount, you can find the right phone case bike mount here. They are a cinch to install, too. Simply attach one of these mounts to your handlebars, insert your phone and you are good to go.

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