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Men’s & Women’s MTB & Road Bike Jackets

If you love cycling, you want to ride as much as possible. That means going out on good and bad days.

A good road bike or mountain bike jacket will put the weather at your command rather than the other way around. It will protect you from rain or even snow while keeping you warm and comfortable.

What to Look for in a Cycling Jacket

Unlike an everyday jacket you might wear around town, a cycling jacket should be breathable to accommodate the heavy exertion of going up hills or sprinting. The right biking jacket should also be extremely light so you aren’t carrying any more freight than necessary when you’re pedaling.

In addition, a good jacket for biking should fit snugly so it creates as little wind resistance as possible. For mountain bikers, a snug-fitting jacket will also decrease the chances of hanging up on snags, briers and other obstructions along the trail. A lightweight mountain bike jacket with the right fit will provide you the weather protection you need without weighing down your performance.

Large Selection, Low Prices

L9 Sports carries a large selection of top bicycle jackets. Whether you are looking for a cold-weather mountain bike jacket for those really frigid days, a windbreaker to keep those frosty fingers from penetrating your layers or a bicycle rain jacket to keep you dry during drizzle or downpours, our big inventory of men’s and women’s bike jackets ensures you can find the right jacket with the perfect fit. Thanks to our low-price guarantee, these jackets will also fit your budget.

We carry top brands like 7Mesh, Pearl Izumi and Sweet Protection, so you can buy with confidence. If you’re wondering which jacket is best for the type of biking you do or have questions, just call, email or instant-chat with us. Our expert staff loves to talk with clients about our favorite sports.

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