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Bike Chainrings at Level Nine

The bike’s chainring (or the round, spikey contraption connected to your cranks that puts your chain in motion) is the main player in your bike’s gears. Larger chain rings translate into higher (or tougher to push) gears; smaller bike rings translate into lower (easier) gears. “Classic” road bike chain rings may use a 53t chainring; a leisure or hobbyist’s bike may use a more hill-friendly “compact” chainset at 48t. Although keeping your chainsets and chainrings clean and well-lubricated will help maintain and prolong their lives, at some point these components will need to be replaced.

When Do I Need a New Chainring?

Although chainrings do not need to be replaced as often as chains, it’s important to keep an eye on the ring’s wear. Noisy or rough performance is an important factor to consider when determining whether or not you need a new chainring; an inner chainring is considered worn when a new chain does not release well at the bottom of the chainring. The outer chainring is considered worn when it is very rough running — or when you experience poor or inconsistent shifting.

Bike Chainrings from Great Brands in Many Sizes

Need help? Let the experts at Level Nine demystify your bike’s chainring purchase. We not only offer the best prices on all of the chainring sizes, brands and model year offerings, we offer great advice about choosing the right bike chainring for your needs. Contact us by live chat, phone or email. Shop here for well-known and well-respected bike chainring brands, such as e*thirteen, FSA and SRAM.

Level Nine: Your Source for Bike Components and Expert Advice

Buy mountain bike chainrings and road bike chainrings at Level Nine — your source for the bike components, bike maintenance gear, bike accessories and bicycle apparel you need at great, everyday low prices. Whether you’re shopping online in the convenience of your home or you are visiting one of our brick and mortar retail stores in Utah’s Wasatch Front, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best customer service and the best advice. As fellow outdoor sports enthusiasts, we love to talk about our products and our gear. Contact us to learn more about how to build or maintain your road bike or mountain bike. We’re here to help!

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