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Bike Pedals: Enhancing Speed and Power

When it comes to cycling, bike pedals play a vital role. They are often overlooked but are crucial components, especially if you prioritize speed and power.

These pedals facilitate the initial transfer of energy from your legs and body to the bike's drive train. They also provide additional points of contact, contributing to your balance on the bike, in addition to the saddle and handlebars.

Find the Perfect Bike for You

At Level Nine, we are dedicated to assisting you. Our wide range of high-quality mountain bikes ensures that you can discover the ideal bike that matches your skills, style, and budget. Whether you need a men's or women's mountain bike, we offer various sizes and styles.

For women, we have mountain bikes specifically designed to suit their bodies. We also provide kid-sized bikes so that your children can join in on the fun. Choose from renowned brands such as Cannondale and Kona mountain bikes.

Premium Pedals for Optimal Performance

At Level Nine, we stock an extensive selection of top-quality bicycle pedals, cleats, and accessories. Whether you require road bike pedals and cleats, mountain bike pedals, or other types of cycling pedals and cleats, we have you covered. Our collection caters to your bike, riding style, and budget.

For racers, we offer pedals specifically designed for lightweight performance. If durability is more important to you than speed, we carry models built for long-lasting reliability. Choose from a variety of pedal materials, including alloy, nylon, and super-lightweight carbon.

Platform Pedals for Easy Riding

If you use your bike for casual rides around town or on a cruiser, we offer a range of traditional platform pedals. These pedals are also ideal for beginners, kids, and anyone who prefers a secure foothold when coming to a stop.

Clipless Pedals for Advanced Cyclists

Advanced cyclists should explore our selection of clipless platform pedals. These pedals provide increased power by allowing energy transfer during both the upstroke and downstroke. Additionally, we offer accessories such as pedal tread contact sleeves, which enhance traction and maximize power with each pedal stroke.

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