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Enhance Your Cycling Performance with Road and Mountain Bike Pedals

When it comes to cycling, bike pedals may be overlooked, but they are a crucial component for speed and power enthusiasts. These pedals facilitate the initial transfer of energy from your legs and body to the bike's drive train, while also providing additional points of contact for improved balance.

Find the Perfect Bike at the Right Price

At Level Nine, we understand your needs. Our collection of high-quality mountain bikes for sale ensures that you can discover the right bike that matches your skills, style, and budget. Whether you're searching for men's or women's mountain bikes, we offer a wide range of sizes and styles.

Our women's mountain bike selection is designed to cater to the unique needs of female riders. Additionally, we have kid-sized bikes to engage your children in the fun. Choose from top brands such as Cannondale and Kona mountain bikes.

Powerful Cleats for Optimal Performance

At Level Nine, we have an extensive selection of top-quality bicycle pedals, cleats, and accessories. Whether you need road bike pedals and cleats, mountain bike pedals, or other types of cycling pedals and cleats, we have the perfect options for your bike, riding style, and budget.

For racers seeking lightweight performance, we offer pedals specifically designed for their needs. If reliability is a priority, we carry durable models. Choose from a variety of pedal materials, including alloy, nylon, and super-lightweight carbon.

Enhanced Stability with Bicycle Platform Pedals

If you prefer casual rides around town or on your cruiser, our selection includes a variety of traditional platform pedals. These pedals are ideal for beginners, kids, and anyone who wants a secure foothold for quick stops.

Boost Your Performance with Clipless Pedals

Advanced cyclists should explore our clipless platform pedals. These pedals provide additional power by allowing energy transfer during both the upstroke and downstroke, resulting in improved performance. Enhance your setup further with accessories like pedal tread contact sleeves, which offer better traction and maximize power with each pedal stroke.

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