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Kids’ Accessories

L9 Sports is your ultimate destination for high-quality accessories that enhance your child's outdoor adventures. Discover our wide range of kids' gloves, hats, facemasks, helmets, shoes, socks, sunglasses, and goggles, designed to provide functionality, durability, and style. From protecting their hands and head to ensuring their feet stay comfortable and their eyes shielded, our accessories are optimized to elevate your child's outdoor experience with top-rated gear.

Kids' Gloves and Mittens

Choose from our diverse selection of kids' gloves and mittens, expertly designed for warmth, flexibility, and durability. Our gloves and mittens come in various sizes and styles, offering superior insulation and weather resistance for your child's winter activities. We recommend Dakine as your first stop for high quality Gloves.

Kids' Hats and Facemasks

Keep your child warm and fashionable with our kids' hats and facemasks. Crafted from high-quality materials, our hats and facemasks provide optimal protection from the cold while allowing your child to express their individual style.

Kids' Helmets

Ensure your child's safety with kids' helmets from brands like Smith and Giro. Engineered with advanced safety features, our helmets provide excellent impact protection while offering a comfortable fit. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to meet your child's specific needs.

Kids' Shoes

Equip your child with our kids' shoes designed for outdoor adventures. Our shoes offer superior traction, durability, and comfort to keep their feet supported during various activities. Explore our range of waterproof winter boots and sturdy hiking shoes for ultimate performance.

Kids' Socks for Skiing and Biking

When it comes to skiing and biking, having the right socks is essential for your child's comfort and performance. Explore our range of kids' socks, specially engineered to provide maximum comfort and moisture-wicking properties during these outdoor activities. Our socks feature cushioning and arch support, ensuring that your child's feet stay cozy and blister-free, allowing them to fully enjoy their skiing and biking adventures.

Kids' Sunglasses and Goggles for Skiing and Biking

When it comes to skiing and biking, protecting your child's eyes is of utmost importance. Explore our range of kids' sunglasses and goggles designed specifically for these outdoor activities. Our goggles provide clear vision and excellent protection from wind, snow, and debris, ensuring your child's safety on the slopes. For biking adventures, our kids' sunglasses offer 100% UV protection, shielding their eyes from harmful sun rays while adding a stylish touch to their gear. Equip your child with high-quality eyewear for skiing and biking, combining safety and style.

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