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Kids' Gloves & Mittens

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Kids Gloves and Mittens

Kids' gloves and mittens are essential accessories to keep your little ones' hands warm and protected during outdoor activities. When it comes to quality and comfort, Hestra and Dakine are two brands that stand out.


Hestra, with its years of expertise, crafts gloves that offer a perfect fit for small hands. Their insulation technologies, such as Primaloft®, ensure optimal warmth even in wet conditions. Hestra's durable construction and waterproof materials make their gloves a reliable choice for active kids.


Dakine is another trusted brand that offers adventure-ready gloves and mittens for children. With a focus on style and performance, Dakine offers a range of vibrant designs that will appeal to your kids. Their gloves often feature innovative touches like touchscreen compatibility and moisture-wicking liners, ensuring convenience and comfort during outdoor play. Dakine understands the needs of active youngsters and delivers gloves that can keep up with their energy.

At L9 Sports, you can find a wide selection of kids' gloves and mittens from Hestra and Dakine, along with other top brands. Explore our collection to discover the perfect fit, warmth, and durability for your little adventurers. Investing in high-quality gear will provide peace of mind as your children enjoy their outdoor pursuits with comfort and confidence. Don't let chilly weather hinder their fun—equip them with gloves and mittens that are up to the task.

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