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Kids' Base Layers

Keeping your children warm and comfortable during outdoor activities in cold weather is crucial. At L9 Sports, we understand the importance of dressing your kids in suitable base layers to achieve this. Base layers serve as the initial clothing layer and effectively regulate body temperature while keeping them dry and cozy.

When selecting base layers for kids, it's vital to consider the following factors:


Opt for base layers made from soft, comfortable, and moisture-wicking materials. Our popular choice is Merino wool, known for its breathability, odor resistance, and natural body temperature regulation. Alternatively, synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are durable and quick-drying.


Choose the appropriate thickness based on the temperature and activity intensity. Mild weather calls for lightweight base layers, while colder temperatures require thicker ones.


A well-fitting base layer should be snug without feeling too tight or restrictive. It should facilitate easy movement and provide comfort against the skin.


Certain base layers offer additional features such as thumbholes to keep sleeves in place and a half-zip design for ventilation.

Investing in high-quality base layers for your kids can significantly enhance their outdoor experience during the colder months. Keep in mind the material, thickness, fit, and features when selecting the perfect base layer for your child. At L9 Sports, we offer a wide range of base layers tailored to meet your kids' needs. We recommend checking out Terramar and Mons Royale for high-quality base layers!

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