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When it comes to successfully getting down the hill, your skis, bindings and boots are the most important equipment, but after that you need to be able to see - that’s where a great pair of goggles comes in. Goggles come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important thing about a pair of goggles is the lens. Having the right lens for the conditions helps a lot when it comes to picking the difference between icy moguls and powder.

Lens Types

Every brand has different lens types, but what you need to know is that lenses are good for different lighting. A lens that helps you see well on a bright sunny day, will make it hard to see on a cloudy day with flat light. Many goggles come with more than one lens so that you can switch it up depending on the conditions. The Specs section of a particular goggle will tell you what lighting the lens is good for.

Another thing to consider when looking at lenses is spherical lenses vs. cylindrical lenses. Both work well, but spherical lenses usually have less peripheral distortion because the lens is shaped to mimic the eyeball’s line of sight. Cylindrical lenses are popular as well because they have a classic look. Either way, you are going to see much better than if you didn’t have goggles, and peripheral distortion is normally not a problem.


Frames come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important to match the frame size to your relative face size. The Specs section of each goggle’s page on L9’s site will tell you the frame size. A frame’s other main function is to vent the goggles so they don’t fog up. Most modern goggles do this very well with foam vents on the top and bottom. Some goggles have a quick lens change capability (using magnets, slots or some other method), which can make switching lenses easy. If that is something you’re interested in be sure to read the description of the goggles you are looking at. As always, the L9 staff is available to help using the chat or email options if you aren’t sure about specific features. L9 carries so many goggles, you are sure to find a pair that works and looks good on you.

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