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Ski Gloves & Mittens

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Ski Gloves & Mittens - Designed for skiing in all weather

If you’ve ever been skiing, you know that your fingers are one of the first things to feel the chill. You also may have had trouble getting in your pockets or checking your phone with the hand me down gloves you grabbed from home. At Level Nine, we have Gloves and Mittens for all your skiing needs, from the warmest, most waterproof gloves money can buy, to a minimalist, stripped down spring glove that won’t reduce your dexterity.

Gloves and Mittens Construction and Materials Ski Gloves and Mittens have four main components:

The outer shell, the waterproof insert, the insulation and the soft inner that you feel on your hands. The outer shell is often some kind of leather, or tough synthetic material (or a combination of both) and is built for durability and dexterity. Usually, the palm and fingers are reinforced with extra material for toughness. The waterproof insert is your main line of defense against wet hands. This is the part within the glove/mitten that uses space age fabrics that are waterproof, but still breathe (Gore-Tex is one example). The insulation of the glove/mitten is going to be what keeps your hands warm. Most handwear uses synthetic insulation (like Primaloft or Thinsulate) because it is less bulky than natural insulation. Finally the soft inner is usually made of microfleece or another soft antimicrobial material that will keep your hands comfortable. It’s important to remember that not all gloves and mittens include all these pieces, depending on their intended uses. Check the description and specs of the glove or mitten you are looking at to see its specific features.

Over the Cuff vs. Under the Cuff

Another thing to consider when purchasing Gloves or Mittens is if you want your handwear to cover your jacket cuff, or fit snugly under your cuff. At Level Nine, we have a variety of both kinds of gloves and mittens. Often, your preference will depend on the jacket you plan on wearing. Check the specs of the glove or mitten you are looking at to see if it is over or under the cuff.

Touchscreen Compatibility

Many of the gloves and mittens that are available today feature touchscreen compatibility, meaning that you can use your smartphone or device without having to take your hand out and expose it to the elements. This can be really convenient, and if it’s something that’s important to you, make sure you check the specs of the glove or mitten to see if it has this feature. As always, if you aren’t sure of any of this, you can ask the knowledgeable staff at Level Nine using our chat or email options.

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