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Women's Ski Gloves & Mittens

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Stay Warm and Stylish in All Weather

When it comes to skiing, your fingers deserve the utmost protection from the cold. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of rummaging through pockets or struggling to use your phone with ill-fitting hand-me-down gloves. At Level Nine, we offer a wide selection of Women's Ski Gloves & Mittens tailored to meet your skiing needs. Choose from the warmest and most waterproof gloves that money can buy, or opt for minimalist spring gloves that maintain your dexterity without compromising on functionality.

Gloves and Mittens Construction and Materials - Unveiling the Perfect Blend

Our Women's Ski Gloves & Mittens feature four essential components: the durable outer shell, the waterproof insert, the insulation, and the soft inner lining that ensures comfort. The outer shell is meticulously crafted from premium leather or resilient synthetic materials, combining durability and dexterity. Reinforced with extra materials, the palm and fingers offer exceptional toughness. The waterproof insert acts as your primary defense against wet hands, utilizing advanced space-age fabrics like Gore-Tex that provide both waterproofing and breathability. For insulation, our handwear utilizes high-performance synthetic materials such as Primaloft or Thinsulate, offering superior warmth without unnecessary bulk. Lastly, the soft inner layer, typically made of microfleece or antimicrobial material, keeps your hands comfortable throughout your skiing adventure. It's important to note that not all gloves and mittens include every component, as their features vary based on intended use. Please refer to the product description and specifications for detailed information.

Over the Cuff vs. Under the Cuff - Find Your Perfect Style

Make a style statement with our range of Women's Ski Gloves & Mittens, available in both over-the-cuff and under-the-cuff designs. Your choice may depend on the jacket you plan to wear. Explore the specifications of each glove or mitten to ensure it aligns with your preferred style.

Touchscreen Compatibility - Stay Connected without Sacrificing Protection

Stay connected on the slopes with our selection of gloves and mittens featuring touchscreen compatibility. No need to expose your hands to the elements when using your smartphone or device. This convenient feature allows you to operate your devices without removing your handwear. Make sure to review the specifications of each glove or mitten to confirm its touchscreen compatibility. If you have any uncertainties, our knowledgeable staff at Level Nine is ready to assist you via our chat or email options.

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