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Kid's Ski Jackets - Keep Your Little Ones Warm and Cozy on the Slopes

When it comes to a fun day on the slopes, a comfortable and well-equipped ski jacket is essential for your kids. At Level Nine, we offer a wide selection of kid's ski jackets from top brands like Armada and Dakine, ensuring both warmth and style for your little adventurers.

Find the Perfect Ski Jacket for Your Kids

Our selection of kid's ski jackets are designed to provide everything your child needs for a great skiing experience. Waterproofing, warmth, and the right fit are our top priorities. Whether it's a warm spring day or a cold and stormy winter outing, we have jackets suitable for all conditions. Look for jackets with zip vents, usually located in the armpits or back, which can transform a heavily insulated jacket into a lightweight cooling piece. Pay attention to key features such as fabric, waterproof/breathability ratings, and insulation when selecting the perfect jacket for your kids.

Quality Fabrics for Maximum Protection

We understand the importance of keeping your kids protected from the cold and snow while allowing them to move freely. That's why our kid's ski jackets incorporate fabrics that offer both waterproofing and breathability. Look for jackets made with renowned materials like Gore-Tex, AdvancedSkin, and infiDRY, which ensure excellent protection while allowing proper ventilation. Each jacket's description will provide detailed information about the unique fabrics used.

Waterproof and Breathability Ratings for Reliable Performance

Our ski jackets come with special ratings that help you understand their ability to repel water and allow air circulation. The waterproof rating is measured in millimeters using a Hydrostatic Head test, determining how many millimeters of water the fabric can withstand before it becomes soaked. The breathability rating, measured in grams, assesses the fabric's ability to allow water vapor to pass through. Rest assured that our jackets are designed to keep your kids dry and comfortable during their ski adventures.

Insulation Options for Versatile Use

Our kid's ski jackets offer various insulation options to suit different temperature conditions. Some jackets feature removable insulation, allowing you to adjust warmth levels according to the weather. Insulated jackets come with a variety of insulation types, including Goose Down and synthetic materials. Alternatively, many skiers prefer non-insulated jackets or shells for their versatility. Your child can wear just a base layer with a shell or layer up for added warmth. Shells often have better breathability ratings compared to insulated jackets. Make sure to read the jacket description for specific details on insulation type and level.

Discover our fantastic range of kid's ski jackets today and ensure your little ones have a comfortable and enjoyable skiing experience. Shop now and prepare them for unforgettable adventures on the slopes!

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