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Ski Bindings Parts - Essential Parts for Performance

At L9 Sports, we carry extra brakes for your ski bindings. The brake width of a ski binding can be chosen while buying a pair of ski bindings on the L9 website. Brake widths are measured in millimeters, and should be no more than 5-10mm wider than the waist width of the ski. If you don’t know the waist width of the ski you plan on using them with, ask someone at L9 using our chat or email options. We will be happy to help.

But what if you get a new pair of skis, but want to use the same bindings? What if your brakes break? L9 Sports can help with that, here in our Bindings Parts page we carry different size brakes so you can upgrade your skis to a new width and not have to worry about new bindings. Simply order the correct width brake for your binding and have a shop tech near your home install them. If you’re getting a new pair mounted, this will cost no extra. So, grab a new pair of skis at L9 and have peace of mind that your current bindings will work with them with a new set of brakes.