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Hey there young skiers and awesome parents!

If you're looking to get the perfect ski boots for kids, you've come to the right place! Here's some valuable information to help you make the best choice at L9:

Discover Top Kids' Ski Boot Brands at L9!

Ski boots are super important for skiers like you because they directly connect to your body and give you all the power to ride like a pro! When choosing the right ski boots for you, there are a few things you should keep in mind, like size, last (width), and flex rating. And, of course, you need to think about what type of skiing you'll be doing with your awesome boots!

Mondo Sizing - What's that?

Ski boots are sized using something called "Mondo sizing." Don't worry if you see sizes like 27.5 or others like that, they may seem confusing, but they're actually easy to understand. These sizes are a bit like your regular shoe sizes. For example, a 27.5 men’s ski boot is similar to a size 9.5, a 26.5 is similar to a size 8.5, 25.5 is similar to a 7.5, and so on.

Ski Boot Last - Find Your Perfect Fit!

The "last" of a ski boot tells you how much room you'll have inside the boot. You want your boot to be snug but not painful. The last is measured in millimeters (mm), and for adult boots, it's usually between 95mm and 105mm. Most boots fall between 98mm and 102mm. If you have narrow feet, a last less than 100mm might be perfect for you. But if your feet are wider, you'll need a bit more space.

Ski Boot Flex Rating - Get the Right Feel!

The flex rating of a ski boot is a number between 60 and 150 for most ski boot brands. A higher number means the boot is stiffer, and it will take more power to move the boot forward. Remember, these numbers may not be the same for all brands, but it's a good starting point when thinking about the boot's flex.

Choose the Right Ski Boot for Your Style!

Just like skis, ski boots are made for different kinds of skiing. So, make sure to read the description of the boot to know what it's best for. Whether it's zooming down the slopes or doing some freestyle tricks, there's a perfect boot for you!

Remember, if you have any doubts or need help deciding, you can always chat with the friendly staff at L9, and they'll guide you like a ski instructor!

Check Out L9's Ski Boot Size Chart

Before you make your final choice, take a look at L9's ski boot size chart to make sure you've got the perfect fit for your ski adventures!

Happy skiing, and have a fantastic time out on the slopes!

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