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Ski Boot Parts & Accessories

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Ski Boot Replacement Parts & Accessories

Ski Boots Parts & Accessories include several convenient pieces to improve your overall skiing experience. The parts include toe and heel lugs, footbeds and Intuition Liners, while the accessories include pieces to protect and warm up your boots. Adding these pieces can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day, or a boot that lasts years and a boot that lasts days.

Toe and Heel Lugs

If you look at the bottom of most ski boots, you will notice that the toe and heel areas (the parts that attach to the bindings) have screws holding them in place. These plastic pieces are known as toe and heel lugs, and they can get worn out after being walked on. This can lead to a not-so-secure linkage to your bindings, which can be dangerous. However, when this happens, you don’t need to buy new boots, you can simply replace the lugs. Our Parts & Accessories page also features Cat Tracks - rubber soles that attach to your lugs to eliminate the wear and make it easier to walk.


Any experienced skier will tell you that a good, custom footbed is essential to a comfortable ski boot. At L9, we sell a variety of footbeds for every kind of boot, and every kind of foot. Many of them can be taken to our shop to be custom fit by one of our expert boot fitters.

Intuition Liners

Intuition Liners are the best fitting, most responsive and comfortable boot liner on the market today, and here at L9 Sports, we have many different kinds of Intuition Liners for your fitting needs. These liners are heat moldable, meaning our boot fitters can heat them up and form them to your specific foot, giving you a truly custom fit. Replace your stock liner and upgrade to an Intuition Liner today.

Boot Dryers

Boot dryers are small heaters that will dry your boot fast after a day of skiing. With these, you’ll never have to worry about wet and frozen boots again.

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