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Ski Boots are widely considered the most important piece of equipment for any skier. This is because boots are the piece that directly connects to your body, where all the power comes from. There are a number of things to consider when purchasing boots, including the size, last and flex rating of the boot. As with all ski equipment, you must also consider what kind of skiing you are planning to do with your boots.

Mondo Sizing

Ski boots are sized using Mondo sizing. Do not get confused when you see sizes like 27.5. These sizes roughly correspond to US shoe sizes, for example, a 27.5 men’s ski boot is similar to a size 9.5, a 26.5 is similar to a size 8.5, 25.5 is similar to a 7.5 and so on.

Women’s sizes are one size higher when compared to a Mondo size (women’s ski boot size 27.5 would be a 10.5). Some children’s ski boots are adjustable, so they can grow with your child’s feet.

Ski Boot Last (Width)

The last (or forefoot width) of a ski boot gives you an idea of how much volume or room you will have in your boot. Remember, you want your boot to be tight, but not painful. Last is measured in mm, and is usually between 95mm and 105mm for adult boots, with most boots falling between 98 and 102mm. Narrow feet usually find a good fit in lasts less than 100mm, while wider feet need more space.

Ski Boot Flex Rating

The flex rating of a ski boot is measured using a number between 60 and 150 for most ski boot brands. The higher the number, the stiffer and more power it will take to flex the boot forward. Unfortunately, these numbers are not exact from brand to brand, but it is a good place to start when thinking about flex.

Like skis, most ski boots are made for a specific kind of skiing. If you aren’t sure, read the description of the boot and it will usually help you determine what that boot is made for. Remember, if you aren’t sure of any of this info, or what you need, you can always talk to the staff at L9 through our chat or email options.

Reference L9's ski boot size chart before purchasing.

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