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Men’s Ski Packages - Skis, Boots, and Bindings in one package

L9 Sports has carefully combined sets of skis, boots, and bindings to help take the guesswork out of purchasing ski equipment. Men’s ski packages are guaranteed to work together, and get you out on the slopes in record time. Plus, if you buy a ski package with L9, we will be happy to mount your skis for you, and you will receive them ready to ski. When purchasing a ski package, you will need to consider the ability of the skier, as well as their size and the kind of skiing they hope to do with their package.

Skier Ability Level

A skier’s ability level will help to determine the length of the ski (along with their height), and the release/retention (DIN) settings of the ski bindings (click the link to learn more about DIN settings). When you purchase a ski package with L9, you will be prompted to provide the skier ability level. This is determined by a I, II, or III. A type I skier is a beginner level skier, someone who is still mastering turning and is found on the bunny hill, or green circle runs. If you’ve never skied before, you are a type I skier. A type III skier is a skier who considers themselves an expert and is able to handle most, if not anything that the mountain throws at them, including but not limited to bumps, trees, powder and speed. Any skier who does not fall under either I or III, is a type II skier.

Skier Height and Weight

When purchasing a ski package, it is important to take the skier’s height and weight into account. Skis are measured in centimeters, and generally need to be almost as tall as the skier. For beginners, it is generally recommended to size a ski to somewhere around their chin height, for intermediate skiers, somewhere between their nose and eye level, and for experts, anywhere above that level (expert skiers usually have a length in mind based on their experience). Heavier, stronger skiers will be able to flex a stiffer ski, whereas lighter skiers may have trouble initiating turns with that ski. Remember to read the descriptions to get an idea of the flex pattern, and other attributes of the ski package. If you are unsure about any of this, you can always ask the helpful staff here at L9 using our chat or email options.

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