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Kids’ Skis - All the Skis you need for your kids

Having skis for your kids is crucial for a fantastic day on the slopes. With their own pair, everyone can fully enjoy the experience and make the most of their day.

There are skis built for all different styles of skiing, including learning, speed, deep snow, tricks, or just cruising with the family, and at L9 Sports, we can help you find the skis that are right for your son or daughter.

Ski Width & Length

Skis come in a variety of widths, and at L9, we can help you determine what width and length will work for your child’s skill level. Typically, wider skis are made to float in deeper snow, while narrower skis will be easier to turn on groomed slopes. The length of ski you want for your child depends on their size, but also their ability level. When you choose your skis, be sure to keep this in mind. Longer skis take more power and skill to maneuver, but will provide them with more stability and contact with the snow, while shorter skis are usually preferred by beginners for their ease of use. L9’s website lets you easily search by both width and length.

Ski Terrain

Downhill skis are built for a variety of uses. All Mountain Skis are designed to work well wherever your little one might take them, Carving Skis are made to be the best skis for carving on groomed slopes, and to help beginners learn to carve, Park Skis are made for tricks on jumps and rails, while Powder Skis are made to help your child float on the deepest days.

All of these ski types overlap, especially for kids’ skis and many skis are made to incorporate more than one of the above skiing styles. Luckily, the knowledgeable staff at L9 can help you find the right ski for your child.

Skis for Every Child

L9 has a wide selection of skis for Children. Many skis are considered unisex, and any young skier can enjoy them. Children’s skis are usually lighter, narrower, and shorter than adult skis, and often come in a variety of colors to make even the most picky youngster excited.

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