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Touring/Backcountry Skis - Performance and Adventure

If you are interested in reconnecting with nature, avoiding long lift lines, and getting a great workout while skiing, then touring is for you. At L9 Sports, we have everything you need to get you out enjoying the backcountry. This starts with a lightweight but fun and responsive pair of touring skis. Touring skis are built to meet the demands of going uphill, as well as downhill. Some touring skis even have notches for your skins on the tip and tail.

Ski Width & Length

Skis come in a variety of widths, and at L9, we can help you determine what width and length will work for your skill level and desired ski style. Typically, wider skis are made to float in deeper snow, so most touring skis will be in the wider end of the spectrum. The length of ski you want depends on your size, but also your ability level. Longer skis take more power and skill to maneuver, but will provide you with more stability contact with the snow, which helps while hiking.

When you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy nature, head into the backcountry. Here at L9 Sports, we have the backcountry gear you need for venturing out beyond the resort.

In addition to bags and adjustable trekking poles, we have rescue supplies for avalanches: beacons and probes to help to locate a missing rider, and a shovel to dig them out. Besides keeping you safe, using these tools can help save your buddies.

Touring Skins, Touring Boots and Touring Bindings

In order to hike effectively in the backcountry, you will need to pair your touring skis with a pair of touring skins. Touring skins are covers for the base of your skis that will enable the ski to grip into the snow as you hike uphill. These skins have an adhesive that sticks to your bases and they are easily removable when you get to your destination at the top of your run. Your skins will need to be cut to fit your specific skis, but you can do this yourself with a skin cutting tool, or bring them to your local shop for help. L9 Sports carries Montana Climbing Skins and accessories for their quality and durability.

Touring boots are going to be focused on minimizing weight, and maximizing the ability to hike comfortably, so that you can get up the hill with energy to spare for the descent. Touring boots usually include pin inserts so that they will work with modern touring bindings. They also usually have a walk mode, which is a switch or setting that drastically reduces the stiffness of the boot so that you can hike with normal range of motion. Then, when you get to the top, you can reset your boot and have it perform on the way down. L9 Sports has a selection of touring boots to help you improve your hike and stay focused on the peak.

Touring bindings are bindings that in some way free your heel, and keep your toe attached so that hiking with your skins is possible. When you get to the top, you can reset your bindings to perform as downhill ski bindings.

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