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Backcountry Snowboard Accessories

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Backcountry Snowboarding Accessories - Off-Piste Essentials

When you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy nature, heading into the backcountry offers that bliss. Here at L9 Sports, we have all these backcountry essentials for venturing out beyond the resort. When venturing out beyond the safety of the resort, you are going to need to be self-sufficient. This means having everything you need on you and making sure that you can rely on it.

In addition to backcountry-specific bags, skins for climbing and adjustable hiking poles, we have rescue supplies for avalanches. A beacon and probe help to locate a missing rider, while a shovel makes digging them out easier. Besides keeping you safe, using these tools can help save your riding buddies.

The backpacks you will find here have features like places for your probe and shovel and hydration sleeves to put your bladder so you can get a drink quickly and easily. Some bags come equipped with optional avalanche safety features like an airbag that can expand and literally give you room to breathe.

Climbing skins are your ticket to the top of a mountain that doesn’t have lifts. Combined with your splitboard, the skins are what enable your board to grip the snow and make ascensions possible.

A beacon, probe and shovel are must haves for every backcountry rider. A beacon is a small radio transponder that connects to your partners’ and makes locating someone buried by snow possible. A probe is a long, collapsible pole that makes it so you can discover the physical depth and location of a buried rider, and a backcountry shovel is light, compact and ready to dig. Learn more about backcountry essentials on our learn center page.

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