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Miscellaneous Snowboard Accessories to complete your Kit at L9 Sports

If you are looking for that last little piece to complete your snowboarding kit, then you’ve come to the right place. In the Miscellaneous page, you will find audio options for music on the hill, low profile belts for your snow pants, wrist and knee protection and more.


If you got a helmet that is compatible with audio, then you’ll need headphones that fit. Outdoor Tech Wired Chips are those headphones! These are specially designed to fit in the ear flaps of your helmet and connect to your phone for music, calls or anything else. If you would rather wireless, classic headphones or earbuds, this page has all those from the leader in durable outdoor audio: Outdoor Tech. There’s even a small waterproof BT speaker if you want everyone on the lift to hear your jam.

Arcade Belts

Arcade Belts are the best belts around for your snowboard pants. That’s because they are low profile and made of durable nylon mesh (instead of bulky leather) and the buckle isn’t metal, so it won’t freeze. L9 Sports carries many different types of Arcade Belts, so you can get the one to match your style.

Serius Braces

L9 carries wrist protectors and knee sleeves from Serius. While these won’t guarantee your safety, they will certainly help the wear and tear on your body that comes with skiing. If you have hurt your wrist or knee before, these are a great way to add peace of mind.

Aside from those quality products, you will also find a selection of stomp pads to apply to your board for that extra grip, and Voile Straps to secure anything to anything else (they’re awesome). Pick up some extras and make your trip to the mountain that much better.

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