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Snowboard Tuning Equipment & Wax - Get your board ready to glide at L9 Sports

At L9 Sports, we recommend that you wax your snowboard every five days or less. Unless you are a rail rider, you should also consider sharpening your edges as well. With the prices of shop tunes going up each year, that can add up to a hole in your wallet, but the only other choice is to get by on an underperforming board, right? Not if you invest in the high quality snowboard tuning accessories from L9 Sports and do your own waxing. L9 has everything you need to get your amateur snowboard tuning station started. Once you learn how to wax your own equipment, you will love the money and time you save.

Traditional Wax

L9 has a selection of traditional wax bars for every snow condition. Make sure that you are outfitted with an all season wax combo kit to handle anything the mountain throws at you. To apply the wax to your board, simply drip some onto your base by heating it with a wax iron and then, using a circular motion from the nose to the tail, firmly melt the wax into the base

We also keep the Sun Valley Ski Tools Waxing Iron in stock for all your waxing needs. This iron is made specifically for tuning snowboards so you can’t go wrong. You can get everything you need to keep your board gliding for the price of one shop tune.

Last but not least, L9 carries the revolutionary DPS Phantom Waxless Glide Base Treatment Kit. Apply this to your base and it literally changes the molecular makeup to glide better when it hasn't been tuned in some time. The Phantom Treatment also helps your base absorb traditional wax better when you do get a chance to tune. Outfit your home with tuning equipment with L9 Sports, and save your hard earned money for expensive lodge food.

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