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Snowboard Base Layers

About at L9

Snowboard Base Layers - The first layer designed for riding in all weather

If you’ve ever been snowboarding, you know that weather can be an obstacle standing in your way of a good time. In the past, cotton long johns that did not breathe or stay dry were your only option, but no more! Base Layers have come a long way in the Twenty-first century. Made of antimicrobial, breathable, warm and flexible materials, the layers at L9 are soft, wick moisture and will keep you comfortable while you ride. We have Men’s Base Layers, Women’s Base Layers, and Kids’ Base Layers for all conditions.

Tops & Bottoms

You will see tops and bottoms in the Base Layers section of our website. Often, you can match the upper and lower pieces exactly for a seamless fit. Many of the brands available at L9 have different “levels” of base layers for warmth, and the specs of the pieces will let you know how warm they are.

Merino Wool

Merino Wool is the gold standard for natural, wicking layers to be close to your skin. Many of the base layers available on L9 Sports’ website are made of Merino Wool. Don’t think because it’s wool, that it will be itchy or stiff, because it is not (in fact, it is soft and comfy). It has to be worn and used for you to understand just how magical this fabric is.

The breathability rating is measured in grams, and specifically looks at how many grams of water vapor can travel through the fabric. It is measured by testing how much water vapor can move through one square meter of fabric, from inside to out, in a day.

Remember, if you are confused, or have questions, ask the knowledgeable staff at L9 Sports using the chat or email options.

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