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Men's Snowboard Jackets

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Shop Comfortable and Stylish Outerwear for Men at L9 Sports

Snowboard Jackets are a must-have piece of gear for an enjoyable day on the slopes. At L9 Sports, we offer a wide range of comfortable and cozy jackets from top brands like Oakley, 686, and more. Our collection is designed to provide the ultimate combination of waterproofing, warmth, and fit, ensuring that you have everything you need for your snowboarding adventures.

Whether you're hitting the slopes on warm spring days or braving frigid stormy winter conditions, we have jackets that work great in any weather. Our jackets are equipped with zip vents located in the armpits or back, allowing you to transform a super-insulated jacket into a lightweight cooling piece. When shopping for your men's snowboard jacket, consider important features such as fabric quality, waterproof/breathability ratings, and insulation options.

Elevate Your Style with Cutting-Edge Jacket Fabrics

We understand the importance of having a jacket that keeps you warm and dry without feeling trapped. That's why our jackets incorporate fabrics that are both waterproof and breathable. With top-notch materials like Gore-Tex, AdvancedSkin, and infiDRY, our jackets offer exceptional protection against the cold and snow while allowing your body to breathe. Each jacket's description provides detailed information about the unique fabrics used, ensuring you find the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Unlock the Power of Waterproof and Breathability Ratings

The snowboarding industry has developed special ratings to help you understand a jacket's ability to repel water and allow air to pass through. The waterproof rating is measured in millimeters using a Hydrostatic Head test, which determines the fabric's water resistance. Meanwhile, the breathability rating, measured in grams, indicates how effectively the fabric allows water vapor to move through it. These ratings ensure that you stay dry and comfortable during your snowboarding sessions.

Stay Warm and Protected with the Right Jacket Insulation

Snowboard jackets offer a range of insulation options to cater to your preferences. Some jackets provide exceptional warmth like portable furnaces, while others act as a thin barrier between you and the elements. Insulated jackets feature various insulation materials, including Goose Down and synthetic options. However, non-insulated jackets are increasingly preferred by many skiers for their versatility. You can wear them with just a base layer underneath or layer up as needed. Additionally, non-insulated jackets often offer better breathability ratings compared to insulated ones. If you're unsure whether a jacket is insulated or not, the description will provide the necessary information.

Find your perfect snowboard jacket and elevate your winter style at L9 Sports. Shop now to discover a wide selection of comfortable, fashionable, and high-performance outerwear designed for men who love snowboarding!

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