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Splitboard Bindings

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Splitboard Bindings - Unlocking the Backcountry

Compatibility: Ensure that the bindings you choose are compatible with your splitboard. Before purchasing a splitboard, make sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations. Certain splitboards require specific types of bindings or mounting systems.

Riding Style: Consider your riding style and preferences when selecting splitboard bindings. If you prefer a more aggressive riding style, you may want a pair with stiffer flex and more responsive construction. Conversely, if you prefer a more relaxed riding style, you may want bindings with a softer flex.

Weight: Splitboarding involves a lot of hiking and skinning uphill, so lightweight bindings can be a significant advantage. However, be sure to balance weight with durability and performance.

Straps: Consider the strap system of the bindings. Look for bindings with comfortable straps that are easy to adjust. Splitboard binding straps are essential components that provide stability and control while riding in the backcountry.

Climbing Aids: Splitboard bindings often come with climbing aids, commonly known as "risers". These features can make it easier to climb uphill and allow for greater maneuverability on steeper terrain.

Price: Splitboard bindings can vary widely in price. Consider your budget and the level of features and performance you require when making your selection.

At Level Nine Sports, you can filter and sort the splitboard bindings. You can use factors such as budget and needs to find the best bindings. This will help you get the most out of your purchase. Additionally, you can consult with their customer service team for expert advice and recommendations.