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Women's Snowboard Bindings

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Women’s Snowboard Bindings - Snowboard Bindings for all styles

While not as cool as the snowboards themselves, having a reliable and safe pair of Women’s Snowboard Bindings to keep you connected to your board is essential to having a good day on the slopes. The most important things to consider when purchasing snowboard bindings are the flex level, the size, and the entry/exit and strap style of the bindings.

Snowboard Binding Flex Levels

Snowboard bindings come in a variety of flex levels that should be considered depending on the rider’s size, skill level, and preferred riding style. Remember, snowboard boots also have a flex rating that should match your bindings. Beginners and freestyle riders usually want a softer, more forgiving flex with a shorter highback (the back part of the binding that rests on the back of your boot). Expert riders and freeriders like the control that a stiffer binding with a higher highback provides. There are models in between these two so you can find the right one for your unique style. All-mountain bindings usually find a happy medium so that all riding styles can work well with them.

Binding Size

Al L9, we have size charts to help you find the binding size you need for your Snowboard Boot. Usually, bindings come in Small, Medium, or Large sizes with each size accommodating for a range of boot sizes. There is overlap, so try to choose the size that is closest to your boot size.

Straps or Speed Entry?

L9 sells both Strap bindings and Speed Entry bindings. Strap bindings are typical snowboard bindings that feature an ankle and toe strap that is tightened/loosened with a ladder strap. These are lightweight and the highbacks do not move to provide stability. Speed entry bindings are quick and easy to get in and out of. With these bindings, you will set the fit when you get them, and then use a convenient reclining highback that is easy to access. These bindings are often a little heavier.

Snowboard/Binding Compatibility

To connect the Binding to your Snowboard, baseplates are used. The baseplate enables you to choose the width of your stance on the board, as well as the angle that your foot will be positioned on the board. Not all baseplates work with all boards. The description of the board and binding should let you know which they will work with. A good rule of thumb is that brands are always compatible, but most bindings on L9’s site will work with most boards. If you aren’t sure of any of this, make sure to ask the knowledgeable staff at L9 Sports through our chat or email options.

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