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Kids Snowboards - Snowboards for the Junior Shredders

Snowboards are essential to a great day on the slopes, and having a snowboard for your kids means that you will all enjoy your day that much more.

There are snowboards built for all different styles of riding, including learning, speed, deep snow, tricks, or just cruising with the family, and at L9 Sports, we can help you find the board that’s right for your son or daughter.

Width & Length

Snowboards come in a variety of widths, and at L9, we can help you determine what width and length will work for your child’s skill level. Typically, wider boards are made to float in deeper snow, while narrower boards will be easier to turn on groomed slopes. The length of snowboard you want for your child depends on their size, but also their ability level. Longer boards take more power and skill to maneuver, but will provide them with more stability, while shorter boards are usually preferred by beginners for their ease of use. L9’s website lets you easily search by both width and length.

Snowboards for Every Child

L9 has a wide selection of snowboards for Children. Many snowboards are considered unisex, and any young rider can enjoy them. Children’s boards are usually lighter, narrower, and shorter than adult boards, and often feature fun graphics to make even the most picky youngster excited.

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